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Med Tech

About the job

Knowledge / Skills / Abilities:

  • Work      independently, and collectively as a team along with the ability to relate      well with all people associated with the facility including but not      limited to residents, resident families, visitors, volunteers, staff, and      other professionals inside or outside the agency personnel.

  • Document      professionally with the use of facility forms and resident management      systems on a computer in a professional, timely manner.

  • Flexible,      receptive, adaptive to change, and ability to plan, organize, implement,      and follow through on duties and responsibilities given.

  • Practice safety awareness by      thinking defensively, anticipating unsafe situations, and reporting unsafe      conditions, accidents, or injuries immediately to the facility Director or      Designee.

  • Practice      infection control procedures by good hand washing, and using personal      protective equipment as needed.

  • Adhere      to the approved break and meal schedule as directed by the Oregon Bureau      of Labor * Industries (BOLI) in the Employee Handbook.

  • Assume      responsibility for reporting      and documenting incidents of abuse, suspected abuse, or injury of unknown      cause abuse and other actions affecting resident welfare to the      appropriate facility administrator or facility designee, local department      office, or local AAA, Law Enforcement Agency if the suspected abuse is      believed to be a crime (e.g. rape, murder, assault, burglary, kidnapping,      theft of controlled substances, etc.)

  • Provide residents or the      resident’s representative with information on services provided by the      State Long Term Care Ombudsman Office.

  • Report promptly any condition      that may be unsafe or unhealthy and any on-the-job or work-related      injury.

  • Maintain      an accurate record of your time worked while following standards of      attendance outlined in the Employee Handbook.

Essential Functions:

  • Able to lift, move, push, and pull up to 50 lbs., hear, see, speak, sit, balance, kneel, reach, grasp, walk, stand,      stoop, squat, and bend adequately perform the job functions.

  • Must be able to perform functions related to the job safely and      successfully, with or without reasonable accommodation required by      federal, state, or local law.

  • Function with inside and outside environmental conditions.

· Ability to work on your feet and in the standing position for extended periods of time.

  • Adequately demonstrate the ability to use a gait or walking belt to      ambulate, transfer, or lift residents.

  • Follow established performance standards and perform duties      outlined in facility policies and procedures.

  • Come to work in clean, neat attire consistently presenting a      professional appearance as outlined in the Employee Handbook.

Tools & Equipment Used:

  • Manage Keys provided for security

  • Medication Carts

  • Pill Crusher

  • Blood Pressure Monitor

  • Blood Sugar Monitor

  • PPE Sharps Containers

  • Water Pitcher

  • Bubble Pack Pill dispensing system

  • Bottle Pill dispensing system

  • Dining Carts

  • Laundry Carts

  • Trash Carts

  • Communication / Paging Devices

  • Computer / Phone / Fax

  • Gait Belt for patient transfer

  • Wheelchair for patient mobility

  • Personal Protective Equipment

Position Attire:

  • Scrubs

  • Closed Toed Shoes

  • Gait Belt

  • Name Badge

  • Resident Call Device ( pager )

Med Tech Responsibilities:

· Medications administered must be set up or poured and documented by the same person who administers them.

· The Med Tech who administers the medication must visually observe the resident take ( e.g., ingest, inhale, apply) the medication unless the prescriber’s order for that specific medication states otherwise.

· Follows all steps in administering medication: Correct resident, medication, dosage, form of dosage, and time included for documenting to ensure best practice.

· Keep medications secure between set-up and administration of medications.

· Follow the facility-approved system for tracking controlled substances and disposal of all unused, outdated, or discontinued medications.

· Follow medication and treatment orders carried out as prescribed.

· Promptly administer PRN when resident requests.

· Maintains accurate documentation of all medications and treatments based on policy and best practices.

· Assist with returning, re-ordering, and destroying medications per facility policy.

· Notifies the Director of Nursing of any outdated medication and any projected shortage of medications or supplies.

· Make suggestions to resolve problems or streamline the medication system to the Director of Nursing Services.

· Keeps medication cart clean and stocked with appropriate stock needed for dispensing medications.

· Report any unusual or unwanted medication side effects to the Director of Nursing.

· Monitors and records vital signs according to physician orders and standards of practice.

· Administers routinely scheduled oral and topical medications according to physician orders.

· Assist employees in following established facility policies and procedures.

· Assume Leadership roles and responsibilities in Emergencies.

· Assist in coordinating and leading caregivers in the coordination of services on shift.

· Ability to perform all routine duties of a Caregiver as required or assigned.

Resident Services:

  • Know, understand, implement, and advocate the Resident's Bill of      Rights as outlined in the Oregon Administrative Rules for Residential Care      and Assisted Living Facilities.

  • Compassionately      offers comfort, friendship, and companionship to residents.

  • Communicate      with the healthcare team and family members curiously and professionally      in all aspects of resident care.

  • Carry out assignments as directed by those who initiate care.

  • Facilitate resident care as outlined in Person-Centered Service      Plans including Individual-based Limitations, change of conditions,      interim service plans, and behavior plans, and provide positive      interventions and support.

  • Assist      with scheduled and unscheduled needs of each resident that include      assistance with activities of daily living, resident-focused activities,      supervision, and support.

  • Respond to resident call lights promptly with professionalism,      kindness, and courtesy.

  • Assist Residents with all aspects of ADLs (Activities of Daily      Living) including but not limited to bathing and washing hair, personal grooming, toileting and bowel      and bladder management, eating, personal hygiene including handwashing,      dressing and undressing, teeth brushing or denture care, cleaning glasses,      hearing aid management, intermittent curing, redirecting and environmental      cues for cognitively implored residents and intermittent intervention,      supervision and staff support for residents who exhibit behavioral      symptoms.

  • Assist in maintaining a clean and sanitized residential environment      including but not limited to changing soiled sheets, cleaning up spills,      personal laundry, trash removal, and dishes.

  • Assist residents with self-directed access to social involvement,      appropriate nutrition including assistance with mobility to and from      social engagement, meals, meal delivery, and appropriate before and after      meal sanitation assistance.

  • Assist in mobility, including one-person transfer as needed with      the use of a gait belt.

  • Be alert to subtle changes in resident condition, reporting and      documenting all resident injuries to medical staff who can initiate care.

  • Assist with facility procedures for admission, discharge, or      transfer of residents and resident appointments.

  • Assume responsibility for facility keys and manage the use of      communication equipment communication including proper storage completing      shifts.

Facility Training/Ongoing Education:

  • Complete facility training      program that includes methods to determine the competency of direct care      staff through evaluation, observation, or written testing. Maintain      current documentation regarding demonstrated competency.

  • Complete facility training      program that includes methods to determine the competency of Med Tech      staff through evaluation, observation, or written testing. Maintain      current documentation regarding demonstrated competency.

  • Assume      responsibility for attending Monthly In-service, in-person scheduled      training, and completing continuing education to maintain compliance for      the position held.

  • Participate      in health care teaching and counseling provided by the facility director      of nursing.

  • Familiarize      oneself with the information contained in the Employee Handbook and seek      verification or clarification where necessary.



  • High School diploma or equivalent preferred

  • Experience in a health care setting preferred.

  • Ability to understand English both written and spoken.

  • Must have sufficient communication and language      skills to perform duties, and communicate with residents, other staff,      family members, and health care professionals, as needed.

  • Obtain or possess up-to-date CPR (including abdominal thrust) and      First Aid certification directed by state and agency guidelines for      healthcare settings.

  • Obtain or possess up-to-date Food Handler Certification as directed      by state guidelines.

  • Satisfactory background check including criminal history, and      employment verification for the position held.


  • Aflac

  • Shoes for Crews Deduction from Paycheck

  • Oregon Saves

  • Time off with pay accrual

  • Bonuses – Thanksgiving/Christmas

  • Holiday Pay/Shift Differential/Call in Differential

  • Employee Meal

  • Medical/ Dental/ Vision Insurance

  • Life Insurance- 50,000 Accidental Disability and Dismemberment Policy

About us

Willamette Manor is a stand-alone nonprofit assisted living facility in Lebanon, Oregon, that has been serving area residents for over 90 years.

​Our mission is to provide quality services with Christian values to seniors and disabled persons in our community.

​At Willamette Manor we take living personally. That's why we offer a variety of living arrangements in our 42 apartment facility. We provide meals, housekeeping, nursing services, transportation, activities and caregiving assistance.

​Our exemplary State Survey history and reputation is a result of our commitment to providing the best services possible.

​Willamette Manor is an affordable assisted lifestyle community located in the heart of the Willamette Valley. Our one-story building is located in Lebanon Oregon, east of Inter-State 5 between Albany and Sweet Home.


176 W C St, Lebanon, OR 97355, USA

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