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Join our Community

The following are a few steps on how to become a resident at Willamette Manor. We are happy to answer any questions along the way.


1. Take a tour. Tours can be given same day, by calling to schedule an appointment , or by clicking "Schedule Tour."

2. Fully complete a  Willamette Manor Apartment Application with signature and date.

3. Complete Applicant Tenant Questionnaire  complete with signature and date.

4. Review and sign the Consumer Summary Statement.

5. Complete, sign and date the Release of Information.

6. Provide copies of any documents needed to support the YES answers completed in the applicant tenant questionnaire.

7. Call us at 541-258-8178 to schedule a time to submit your application to begin processing.

8. Once your application has been reviewed and approved, you will receive a call to verify your Medicaid or Private Pay status.

9. Willamette Manor will schedule an IN-PERSON Nursing Assessment in addition to  Physician review of health needs to determine level of care needed.

10. Willamette Manor Administrator along with the Nurse will review and approve all admissions.

11. Once approved for both financial and medical needs, a call will be placed to schedule a move in date.

12. A $375.00 Deposit can hold an apartment for up to two weeks. Deposits are fully refundable if determined that the resident is not financially or medically qualified.

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